Focus_Group_1374755080_crop_550x367Continuing a seemingly endless run of interviews with great Welsh people, I spoke to Ghost Box’s Julian House earlier in the year. The interview was so distorted with pub feedback (i.e. drunk folks shouting), it took an age to transcribe. Published by the good people at the Quietus.

Don’t think I ever posted this back when it went online – an interview with Iain Sinclair about the Olympics from summer 2011 that I did for the Quietus. He’s not far wrong…

Beer Here Now

A piece I wrote for Caught by the River on this year’s Great British Beer Festival. A fine, fine day out.

As the dust settled around the Olympic opening ceremony, Rick Smith from Underworld talked to me about the role he’d undertaken (as musical director for the whole event). There’s a hell of a lot more of this interview – 6000 words or s0 – that I’m going to try to edit into shape and post somewhere soon. As always, a top chap to talk to and a night that’ll stay burnt into the memory for a long time to come.

Jeremy Deller‘s inflatable Stonehenge is currently touring the capital – I wrote a piece for the Create Festival newspaper about Jeremy (will post a link if I can find one) and did a quick precis for Caught by the River. Click here to read. 

Wrote a couple of quick guides to Olympian boozers in the run up to the big games – click for pubs with gardens and venues with live music.

Traveled round the peripheries of Wales for a series of audioslides on the Wales Coast Path for the Guardian. Learnt a hell of a lot about my homeland from each of the interviews. The first one takes place on the north coast and in Anglesey and features Professor Chris Morris and Jon Savage.


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