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Don’t think I ever posted this back when it went online – an interview with Iain Sinclair about the Olympics from summer 2011 that I did for the Quietus. He’s not far wrong…


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It was a long time coming but finally the new pub book is out… book of the week in Time Out this week, blogged everywhere from the Quietus to the Daily Mail to the Sun. A review in the Scotsman described it as a “rattling good yarn”, the FT (!) called “reading it very thirsty work” and the Reluctant Scooper said it’s a “very entertaining journey with plenty of input from the kinds of characters I’d love to spend a pint or three with. And I highly recommend you buy a copy. It’s the ideal book to make you think as you drink in that pub that you love on a wet afternoon in winter.” Can’t say any fairer than that!

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